helpful resources that offer practical guides for your walk with Jesus.

Calendar: keeping our priorities present in our practices


Planning helps keep our our priorities present in our practices. In Rest & War, Ben Stuart offers a practical way to structure our time by our priorities not by proximity.

On page one, list out all your titles. Some examples may be "Child of God," "Husband," "Wife," "Parent," "Employee," "Leader." Under each title, list out the tasks to accomplish this week. On page two, plug each task into a time. By seeing how our identities and purposes under God can touch down on the mundane, we can be energized and find our sense of purpose through every task.

bullseye: Killing a bad habit


In Rest & War, Ben Stuart offers advice on steps to break out of bad habits.

In the innermost circle, write the habits you most want to kill. In the next circle, identify the situations and environments that lead to participating in the habit. And finally in the outermost ring, write your positive releases - the things you do for fun! We hope this resource can be helpful for you as you create your own bullseyes and remember, the best defense is a good offense.

youversion reading plan

start the journey

This reading plan includes five daily devotions based on Ben Stuart’s book Rest & War. The spiritual life can feel like it’s a struggle because it is! The pursuit of intimacy with God occurs within the context of adversity. And yet with struggle can come progress if we learn to struggle well.